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We make creative content for our clients. And develop original content as well.

You deserve quality production. Coupled with great service. Wherever you need it to happen. We have been around the world on all seven continents making all kinds of video productions for all kinds of clients. Each one unique. But they all have something in common. The need for quality content for a specific audience. Whether it’s talking to other businesses, raising money for a cause, enticing viewers to action, communicating with employees, supporting content marketing campaigns, promotions and sales with sizzle reels, producing television shows or feature documentaries, we tell stories visually and produce video that helps our clients meet their business objectives.

We’d be thrilled to help you connect to current and future fans, potential clients or your internal team.Thanks for considering us.

Meet Our Team

  • Fr3der1ck Taylor
    Fr3der1ck Taylor Creative Director

    Hi, I’m Fr3dR1cK Taylor, a Chicago native with a passion for documenting amazing stories. I’ve been around the world, telling stories about people and the challenges they face. The idea of inspiring audiences through true stories of people doing extraordinary things serves as a source of endless inspiration for me. I endeavor to make films that ask thought provoking questions, teach us something and entertain us in the process. I also bring this sensibility to my client based work, and specialize in real people projects, music artist based work and social justice themed pieces. The more global the better, as our world keeps getting smaller the opportunities to share information and affect change keep getting bigger.

  • Ellen Barnard
    Ellen Barnard Executive Producer

    As Executive Producer, my main role is to turn ideas into polished productions that deliver results for our clients. Part production guru, part strategic enthusiast, I enjoy thinking through the details that lead to great execution. I have a marketing background & a few great industry awards. Four years in Chapel Hill taught me that “Go Heels!” has nothing to do with shoes, and I hold a Master’s degree in cultural history from Emory University. I am a huge fan of liberal arts degrees. I adore clever marketing. And I am awed by the endless opportunity to be creative that the digital age brings us.

  • Drew Barnard
    Drew Barnard Producer / Senior Editor

    Drew Barnard’s from Delaware, and before he gave up a life of finance, he was manager of 35 bank offices. Now he’s our senior editor. An avowed gadget freak, he’s been following the development of digital editing since it started, and has fond memories of shelling out 2000 dollar for a 4 gig hard drive so he could run Final Cut 1.0. Between his years of editing experience, and passion for the latest tech and software, Drew Barnard brings the most up-to-date, innovative, and fun ideas to bear on everything he does.

  • Kristin Raimondi
    Kristin Raimondi Producer/Production Manager

    A black belt in both Taekwondo and Producing, Kristin plays a key role in managing all aspects of film, television and every media project in between for clients big and small. An invaluable combination of problem-solver, productivity-master and team-builder, she ensures that we consistently bring everyone together to create high-value content that resonates with its audience.

  • Stacy Mahoney
    Stacy Mahoney Producer/Production Manager

    As one of our producers, Stacy mixes equal parts storyteller, taskmaster, and all-out chaos wrangler into one role. She holds a BBA in Management of Information Systems and MA in Film/Television Production. From budgets to boom poles, she manages every detail to bring a story from concept to completion…and she bakes.

  • Joe Warner
    Joe Warner Editor

    Like many other Atlantans, Joe’s from Chicago. He dropped out of cooking school, but can’t escape the culinary arts. His love of food has found a home editing one of the most popular food shows on local TV. He’s a huge movie nerd who loves it all; from 8 ½ to Chopping Mall. Like a sculptor who chips away at the marble to find the figure within, Joe has a talent for finding the story hidden in any footage he’s given.

  • Kari Guenther
    Kari Guenther Creative Consultant

    Kari Günther is an illustrator from Atlanta, GA currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany. As Creative Director, she takes project goals and gives them a functioning vision. Working alongside designers, programmers, and animators, she’s the team’s keen eye and artistic ringleader.

  • Raffael Pindell Motion Designer / Graphic Designer

    Hailing from a sleepy little town outside of Charleston, SC, Raffael is a Graphic Designer/Motion Graphics Animator at TPI. He made his way to Atlanta by way of Savannah, where he attended the Savannah College of Art and Design. When he’s not slaving over keyframes in After Effects, you can find him longboarding on Atlanta’s Beltline, refining his guitar chops, or gorging on Mexican food.

  • DeAndre Johnson
    DeAndre Johnson Front End Developer

    DeAndre is a southside Chicago native, attended Columbia College Chicago as a film and video major and loves music, specifically hip-hop. He’s a nerd with swag, and a talent for front end development and server-side programming. Between the challenges of web development and the rapidly evolving nature of technology, he’s always excited by the new puzzles and lessons each day brings.

  • Terri Nash
    Terri Nash Associate Producer

    From casting, to editing, to shooting stills and video, to developing ideas for creative content, Terri, is a jack-of-all-trades. After years of freelancing in the production industry, she now calls TPI home. As associate producer, she uses her wide range of skills to give support where needed. She’s a southern sweetheart with a keen interest in visual arts, and an avid lover of pop culture.

  • Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones Editor/Motion Graphics

    Jasmine Jones is a Video Editor/Motion Graphics Artist at Tomorrow Pictures Inc. Having a passion for editing video since childhood, Jasmine graduated as a Film&Video major from Georgia State University.  She is well traveled internationally and enjoys experiencing different counties and cultures. Her talent in story telling allow her to do the thing she loves most – Video Editing!

  • Jasmine Akakpo
    Jasmine Akakpo Assistant Producer/Social Media

    Born in Worcester, Massachusetts but raised in Columbus, GA; Jasmine is the perfect mixture of southern charm and northern whit. Jasmine is a hardworking go-getter who values her dorky, adventurous personality as a gateway to being fearless in her career. She received her BA in Film Production and Journalism from GA State University and continues to be active in the independent film community in Atlanta. Jasmine loves being social and is excited to open the realms of social media and marketing to Tomorrow Pictures clients.

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