Global Documentary Genus: Tomorrow Pictures Documentary

Tomorrow Pictures award winning documentary Counter Histories Rock Hill has traveled all around the world. Next stop. Your TV screens.

We have a passion for truth, and a passion for great stories. That passion has driven us into exotic, strange and dangerous places all around the world to document the lives of people living in unthinkable situations. We’ve seen it all: from AIDS infected teens in post-soviet slums to Kickass women fighters right here in Atlanta.

With Award-winning director Fr3deR1ck behind the camera, we’ve made a career out of cataloguing the heights of human hope, and the depths of despair. These are some of our most beloved outings.

After the Fall

When the Berlin Wall fell, and the Romanian government crumbled, thousands of children, under the care of poorly trained nurses in unsanitary hospitals, contracted HIV. These children grew up facing persecution, oppression, and their own bodies’ betrayal at the hands of the disease. After The Fall is the remarkable story of those who survived, and how they’re finding hope and meaning, even in a life marked by injustice and suffering.

Boxing Chicks

If you thought the hardest thing a boxer had to deal with was getting punched in the face, then you’ve got another think coming, especially if that boxer is a woman. This masterpiece takes into the criminally underrepresented world of women’s boxing, into the training gym of Terri Moss, world champion, as she makes the transition from champion to trainer of champions, and takes up the fight against discrimination and sexism in the process.


One of Fr3deR1ck’s earliest outings, the award winning Cabbagetown examines the social forces that drove one of Atlanta’s most promising communities into crime and poverty. While it is an early effort, it’s dedication to truth, expert analysis, and deeply informative and entertaining content represent pillars of our documentarian spirit that remain in place to this day.

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