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Counter Histories: Rock Hill


This multi-award winning documentary tells the story of one of the most significant, but not well-known moments, of the civil rights movement. The Friendship 9 stage a sit-in in Rock Hill, SC. They introduce and test the "Jail No Bail" strategy that invigorates the movement and is the pre-cursor to the Freedom Rides.

After gathering interviews and documents from 5 of the original participants in the sit-in, the director/producer team of Fr3deR1cK and Ellen Barnard knew they had stumbled onto a great story that needed to be told to a wider audience.


The film aired on television as part of PBS's REEL SOUTH nationally distributed series and on Magic Johnson's Aspire Network's ABFF series. The longer format 30 minute and 60 minute versions have played in over 25 film festivals, been awarded numerous accolades and a distribution deal for digital outlets.

Tomorrow Pictures began this project with a grant form the University of Mississippi's Southern Foodways Alliance and presented an 8-minute short film as part of filmmaker Kate Medley's Counter Histories 5 part series honoring the anniversary of the Civil Rights Act.


Production Company:

Tomorrow Pictures Inc.



Ellen Barnard




Executive Producer/Producer:

Ellen Barnard



Tom Pritchard

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