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The Story is in the Telling

01. The Third Country: Burmese Refugees in Georgia

The upcoming documentary “The Third Country,” produced by Tomorrow Pictures in partnership with 285 South with support from the Pivot Fund.

The documentary, filmed over the course of a year in partnership with community members, zooms in on how they’ve navigated life in the South - from starting school without knowing English to seeing the toll chicken factory jobs took on their parents to forging a future that includes Georgia, and Burma.

After being forced to relocate from their war torn country of Burma, refugees settle in camps in Thailand, then relocate once more to Clarkston, Georgia. Their stories of seeking refuge, struggles of assimilation, and their journey to academic success are captured by this striking film by Tomorrow Pictures. This short documentary highlights generational disparities, the expectations of America and the West, and changes the narrative of refugees in America.

Check out the trailer. The full film will be out in February 2024. Stay tuned for more details at and

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