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The Story is in the Telling

The Story is in

the Telling

Original Content

01. The Third Country: Burmese Refugees in Georgia

The Third Country presents an intimate portrait of the harrowing migration journey refugees endure, the lives they live after settling in the US, all with the backdrop of war at home and the global crisis of displacement ever present.

02. Where Is America the Beautiful?

What are the real questions to ask about this country? Who are the real people? What is a real American? Through the use of documentary, music video, and spoken word, perspective on these questions is explored.

03. Pre-Existing Freedom

What are the Pre-Existing Freedoms we possess? In the first installment of a 3 part doc, Director/Cinematographer Fr3deR1cK, explores the freedoms and restrictions in America and amidst our changing times from the early days of the pandemic. Isolation and Protest mingle in this haunting film.

04. Taking J-Setting From Underground Clubs to the Main Stage

Leland and his dancers make an HBCU historically rooted dance style their own in this Emmy Award winning love letter to Dance and Atlanta helmed by Fr3deR1cK for KQED in San Francisco.

05. Hitchcock The Architecture of Suspense

The Architecture of Suspense, based on a book from Christine Madrid French; Documentary in progress.

06. Counter Histories: Rock Hill

The Friendship 9 staged a sit-in in Rock Hill, SC in 1961. This multi-award winning film documents their story in their own words.

07. HGGH: Hot Girls Getting High

A comedic romp of a series with smart girls talking about issues while they are taking advantage of legal marijuana!

08. After the Fall: HIV Grows Up

In the early 90s, 12,000 Romanian children contracted the HIV/AIDS Virus. This is the story of what happened through the lens of 3 survivors.

09. Thee Holy Brothers

Tomorrow Pictures original documentary project in production featuring life-long music collaborators, Marvin Etzioni and Willie Aaron, Thee Holy Brothers.

10. TomorrowPictures.TV Campaign

Branding campaigns directed by Fr3deR1cK, for, our curated content platform.

11. Boxing Chicks

For Terri 'The Boss' Moss and the women of Buckhead Fight Club, boxing is life.

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