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The Story is in the Telling

08. After the Fall: HIV Grows Up

In the early 90s, 12,000 Romanian children contracted the HIV/AIDS Virus. This is the story of what happened through the lens of 3 survivors.



As communism fell in 1989, Romania was gripped with an epidemic of pediatric AIDS in its hospitals and state run institutions. With a lack of medicine and very limited knowledge of the disease, only a few health care workers were willing to risk their lives to help over 12,000 children infected with HIV and AIDS. ‘After the Fall’ looks back with those who were on the front lines of the disease in the early years, and looks forward at the hopes and challenges of the survivors who, against all odds, are growing into independent young adults. After The Fall: HIV Grows Up is a story that challenges the true meaning of bravery, hope and perseverance, inspiring an audience to rise against any odds and fight for fullness of life and dignity no matter the cost. Starring Ashica, Miora and Georgia, along with Dr. Rodica Mătuşa.

Photography by world renowned photographer and journalist Frank Fournier.

Directed by Fr3deR1cK, produced by Ellen Barnard.

A Tomorrow Pictures Original.




Awards and Nominations

Social Impact Media Awards: Best Documentary

Social Impact Media Awards: Best Documentary

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